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DeMaria Group is a performance consultancy that delivers transformational thinking. We build high performing leaders and organizations through customized, transformation-driven consulting. Our clients are insatiable learners who refuse to accept anything less than high performance results from themselves and their organizations. They are transformational leaders who will redefine the future of their industries and their professions.

“A transformational thinker, a catalyst for effective change and excellent communicator who is results oriented.”
—W. Earl Sasser, Co-author The Service Profit Chain and The Value Profit Chain

“There is no inside or outside the box thinking in her approach to issues because the box is not the problem – it is where the box fits in the larger picture; and on the road to success, Roseanna often simply routes around the box.”
—Albert Gidari, Perkins Coie LLP

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Living The Learning: It’s About The Men Stupid! :)

July 6, 2015  

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Lifelong learning is no stranger to Sandi Klein.  Sandi Klein is committed to exploring creativity & women leaders. This is NOT a new passion for her because she has lived it. She IS one of those creative women leaders that she talks about! Her interviews are thoughtful learning journeys speaking leader-to-leader about our collective lessons learned. She does not provide her questions ahead of time and does her interviews virtually. Simply put, she keeps it “real.”  I’ve experienced her “reality” first hand in our recent interview. Together we lived the learning. In our interview one of the interesting issues that we explored is that some of the most passionate leaders I’ve met, who are committed to the women leaders in their firms, are men. I am honored to be able to think out loud with her in this week’s learning journey. She taught me a lot & I’m the college professor!  :)

So join us and learn with me. Hear how my 20+ yrs of business & management experience took me from government to private sector on Tuesday July 7th at 10am on

The interview will go live on Tuesday, 7/7 at 10:00am on: The interview will also stream on Sunday, 7/12 at 8:30am on: Subsequently it will be available on iTunes.  #empoweringwomen #womeninlaw

High Performance + Innovation = Fearless Focus On Failure Leadership
DirecTV logoDeMaria Group “thinks differently” about leadership. To us high performance innovation means the ability to voraciously learn from failure in everything we do. We call this Fearlessly Focused on Failure Leadership!  If you are wondering what the next generation of leadership looks like take a look at DIRECTV’s IT team, who leads with a Fearless Focus On Failure to drive high performance & innovation in Forbes. CIO Mike Benson & SVP Sven Gerjets explain their powerful leadership initiative in this month’s Forbes Online. DeMaria Group is privileged to be part of building this courageous initiative. Bravo DIRECTV IT! Read the article here

Got Diversity Awards? Get SERIOUS!

Organizations in pursuit of diversity excellence frequently focus on best practices as their goal. This approach builds award-winning firms where best practices are the measure of success, and THAT is the problem! Best practices are not the destination. They are simply stops along the journey. Inclusion is the destination. Simply put, “Got Inclusion?”  My article in the July issue of HR West Magazine helps to answer that question!

The 10 Biggest Mistakes In Diversity Management
HR West, July 2012

Business Case Studies On Line: Educators “Thinking Differently”

Ted Bongiovanni, NYU’s Director of Distance Learning, and I will be presenting at the Emerging Learning Design 2012 Conference on June 1 at Montclair University. This conference is focused on “innovative practices for digital teaching & learning.” Our session will explore the exciting opportunities created by the online classroom for teaching business school case studies. We will be ‘thinking differently’ in our onsite presentation about “THINKING WICKED DIFFERENTLY” on line as educators!

For More Information:

Building Inclusion: One Learner At A Time

My spring Managing Inclusion & Cultural Differences course is complete. Saloni Mishri’s final Learning Journal entry really says it all. “At the end of this journal and this journey I was asking myself what I saw as the solution to bringing true inclusion in our society. I think our future lies in the hands of our children. We could have inclusion lessons at school where children are taught to acknowledge and appreciate everyone around them. Differences are seen to add value. True inclusion comes into being because the person with that value believes and respects the concept of a difference. Differences are embraced and work or even life is enhanced by the insights, skills and knowledge grounded in these differences.” Brava Saloni!

The Spring semester  learning journey in my online NYU graduate class, Managing Inclusion & Cultural Differences, included the inspiring CEO Bob Knowling who joined us from Bangkok – another powerful advantage of online learning!

book coverYou Can Get There from Here:
My Journey from Struggle to Success

“Bob Knowling”s contribution to public education in New York City is incalculable; his lessons on leadership and team building are profound; his story is inspiring.”
(-Dick Parsons, chairman, Citigroup)

Dispelling Myths About Online Education
Think online learning isn’t effective? Think again, say two online educators who stress that online learning can—and should—offer rich learning opportunities that are interactive, engaging, and experiential. BizEd, March/April 2012 (Acrobat PDF)