Delivering high performance transformation to leaders and organizations

“In the untended, largely overgrown field of leader development, Roseanna DeMaria stands out like a bright sunflower towering over the weeds. She is one of the most talented, creative and passionate talents to breathe much needed fresh air into this suffocating arena in years. Meet her in person; the rest will take care of itself.”
—Scott Snook, Author of Friendly Fire

“Roseanna is interested in the ‘future’ of leadership as opposed to the ‘past.’ She focuses on what is needed for success prospectively as opposed to what has been helpful from a historical perspective.”
—Kelly Martin, CEO, Elan Pharmaceutical

“Roseanna is a top leadership and Organisation development professional. Both as a coach and a developer of programs to enhance effectiveness, Roseanna combines in depth technical expertise with grounded business knowledge. As a colleague I trusted and respected her tremendously.”
—Don Schneider, Group Human Resources Director, Old Mutual plc, Former SVP, Human Resources, Merrill Lynch

“Having worked closely with Roseanna during my previous employment at Merrill Lynch, I can say without equivocation that she is among the most inspired professionals I’ve encountered during my 18 year career as a Human Resources practitioner. She has boundless energy and unparalleled passion in creating opportunities for employees to achieve their maximum potential through the medium of creative learning & development techniques.”
—Sean N. Woodroffe, SVP, Human Resources, Sun Life Financial

“I continue to draw upon the timeless leadership models that Roseanna shared with me through her generous mentor-ship several years ago. Roseanna’s approach of leading through change by motivating teams to energetically focus on aggressive value creation coupled with her mature talent development toolkit has consistently resulted in high performing teams.”
—George Sloan, Director of Supply & Asset Management, AT&T Wireless