Delivering high performance transformation to leaders and organizations

“Roseanna Demaria is one of the most vibrant, passionate, courageous and far-sighted people I have met in twenty years as a speaker to business organizations.

She brings a truly artistic temperament, combined with a deep, probing intelligence, to the hard issues facing business today. It is precisely this combination of left and right brain which will prove to be the essential ingredients of success for leaders of the future. When we are connected with head and heart, leaders can make decisions for themselves, others and mankind that will be constructive and healing. Roseanna Demaria is such a leader.”
—Benjamin Zander, Conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra

“If you look up DYNAMO in the dictionary, you will find a picture of Roseanna DeMaria. She is one of the most dynamic motivators I have ever had the pleasure and opportunity to work with. She is one of those people who constantly strives to do more and makes sure that she either pushes you, pulls you or carries you to the finish line with her. You have to beware, however, because just when you get to the finish line, you will find that the line has moved because she is consistently on the lookout for newer, more innovative ways to conduct business and motivate employees. Roseanna has a unique way of tackling business issues and approaching solutions. You can’t go wrong with someone like her on your team!”
—Mary B. Anderson, Director Enterprise Risk Management, AT&T Wireless

“Perhaps the most energetic and enthusiastic person I have ever been around.  She’s a very deserving winner of the Catherine Cleary award as AT&T’s outstanding female executive.”
—Dan Hesse, CEO, Sprint, Former CEO, AT&T Wireless

“In my 25 years of law enforcement, 21 of which were with the NYPD, I have had the privilege of working with some of the finest and smartest prosecutors in City, State, and Federal Government. Roseanna DeMaria is by far the most devoted, hardest working, knowledgeable creative thinking prosecutor who is willing to meet challenges considered impossible by others. She is of unchallengeable integrity, the pinnacle of professionalism, integrity, intellect, and the phrase “can’t be done” is not existent in her vocabulary. The qualities she possessed as a prosecutor are the very qualities responsible for her success in the corporate world. You will not find a friend or foe willing to challenge her capabilities in the practice of law as a prosecutor, corporate attorney, and managerial abilities. Her mindset is to get the job done and she will get the job done beyond your highest expectations.”
—Joseph Cruz, Former NYPD Detective

“I have worked closely with Roseanna on several occasions in the recent past and found her to be: a transformational thinker, a catalyst for effective change and excellent communicator who is results oriented.”
—W. Earl Sasser, Co-author The Service Profit Chain and The Value Profit Chain