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“I have had the extraordinary good fortune of working with Roseanna in several different capacities over more than two decades. She has been my boss, my client and I have been her client. She is one of the most talented, creative, insightful and dedicated professionals I have ever met. She is indefatigable and has a remarkable ability to bring a fresh perspective to problems and divine solutions where others have failed. I cannot possibly commend her enough.”
—Owen B. Carragher, Jr., Partner, Lankler & Carragher, LLP

“Roseanna has constantly exceeded operational results, by assembling, leading and developing outstanding functional and cross functional teams that are provided with aggressive goals along with the coaching and tools to achieve those goals.”
—Steve Elfman, EVP Network, Sprint

“Roseanna DeMaria approached wireless fraud and security management from the perspective of the criminal, which turned the industry on its head and solved the wireless fraud problem. This problem had  been intractable until Roseanna came along and approached the questions  without any preconceived ideas. Equally compelling is that she convinced fiercely independent competitors to follow her lead in realizing an industry-wide solution.”
—Tim Donahue, Former Chairman & CEO, Nextel & Sprint