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“Roseanna DeMaria has been an incredible asset to us here at Harvard Business Publishing’s Higher Education group. A vanguard educator who explores cutting edge ways to enhance classroom pedagogy, she continues to provide incredibly valuable insights to our product development and online learning teams. We literally use her NYU approach as a model for how other schools might approach synchronous, experiential learning in online environments. She is a wonderfully engaging subject matter expert whose passion is on display in everything she does. She is no doubt a wonderful teacher, and we can easily vouch that she’s a wonderful resource to have at your side when facing new opportunities and challenges. Two thumbs way up.”
—Denis Saulnier, Director, Learning Services, Harvard Business School Publishing

“On a Fall Saturday morning, I walked into a classroom of Prof. Roseanna DeMaria to learn, to be empowered and transformed into a leader. I have never in my years of education been challenged that much and encouraged to think so deep that made me realize how much more was there to learn underneath it all. As a student in her class, I had no choice but give it my all as her passion for teaching and delivering excellence was motivating for all of us to be high performers. Today, everyday at my job, I am performing to her standards and achieving success. I am forever grateful and will follow her teachings and advice throughout my career.”
—Zeynep Cevikel, Regional Human Resources Manager, ParenteBeard  LLC, and MS alum, New York University

“There is not enough space on LinkedIn to express the impact Professor DeMaria has had on my education and career. Professor DeMaria is an incredibly dedicated and passionate educator, and it shows in the amount of respect and accolades she has received from her fellow colleagues and students. She is a wealth of knowledge for all aspects of the human capital field and passes this on to her students in an unconventional and extremely RESTLESS way. I have applied her extensive and passionate teachings in my everyday life and career. It has been an absolute honor and a privilege to learn and collaborate with Professor DeMaria and I would challenge anyone to learn from the best in the world!”
—Abad W. Rivera, Human Capital & Strategy Consultant, Virtual Consulting International, and MS alum, NYU University

“I had attended Prof Roseanna DeMaria’s Business Strategy & Ethics class. Any Course by Roseanna is by no means for the weak hearted; it is an intense journey you take, only by choice.

The lessons went far beyond the thick HBR case studies, CEOs and thought leaders across industries. She created opportunities for us to understand and question wonderfully strong professionals, well known in their respective industries.

One aspect has been consistent in the role models I pick — It is only from the best, you learn how to learn, but more importantly, how to live !” February 4, 2012
—Divya Ratnam, Change Management Partner, Polo Ralph Lauren, and MS alum, New York University