Delivering high performance transformation to leaders and organizations


High performance transformation requires an integrated, innovative, strategic approach to reach the next level of achievement. Improvement can only be defined by genuine transformation that imprints the performer, their team and their organization. At DeMaria Group we transform performers and organizations through our intensely interactive and customized consulting work. Like our unusual background and experience, our approach is unconventional and our results singular.

Transformational Leadership & Performance

The DeMaria Group provides comprehensive talent management consulting from recruitment and assessment to coaching and development. We seek to optimize performance and put science behind the art of development. Our work in this area is highly focused on transforming performance for the individual and for the organization beyond best practices. Our goal in all of our transformational leadership work is to build sustainable, scalable, ongoing transformation.

Transformational Learning

Roseanna TeachingHigh performance and meaningful transformation require deep learning.  We believe that great leadership demands continual learning. Our transformational learning work targets the specific performance needs of the team or organization.  Using a case study based and action learning driven model, we design powerful learning experiences that drive exceptional performance. The crucible of our learning classroom – whether on site or on line – is an incubator for team and organizational growth because it uses exclusively participant centered learning.  We have been recognized for our accomplished use of this case study methodology.