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What our clients are saying about Roseanna

“I’ve  had the privilege of knowing Roseanna since 2002 when she joined Merrill Lynch as its Chief Talent & Learning Officer. From that moment to now, I regard Roseanna among the most impressive executives I’ve encountered during my career. For the past 7 years, I’ve  worked with Roseanna in her capacity as an executive coach where she has provided coaching advice and counseling to several A-Player executives. Roseanna’s reputation in this space has been resoundingly outstanding. She demonstrates an uncanny ability to coach top talent to increase their leadership effectiveness on a sustainable basis.

Simply stated, Roseanna is the best of the best.”
—Sean N. Woodroffe, SVP, Human Resources, Sun Life Financial

“In the untended, largely overgrown field of leader development, Roseanna DeMaria stands out like a bright sunflower towering over the weeds. She is one of the most talented, creative and passionate talents to breathe much needed fresh air into this suffocating arena in years. Meet her in person; the rest will take care of itself.”
—Scott Snook, Author of Friendly Fire

“Ms DeMaria is uniquely qualified in the area of Executive Coach and strategist. Her insights into organizations and people enable her to combine strategic thinking with leadership coaching and the result is actionable and drives profitability or productivity gains. Having worked with literally dozens of people in her field I can unreservedly recommend Ms DeMaria as one of if not THE best I have engaged. Worth every penny and every minute invested.”
—Lauren Wright, Consultant

“Roseanna DeMaria brings life to the businesses and to the people she is associated with. She has always understood that business success is directly correlated with people success. Roseanna has an undiluted passion to make anything she is associated with better. She is undeniably world class at making people better than they think they can be.”
—Rolla Huff, CEO, Earthlink

“Roseanna DeMaria has been an incredible asset to us here at Harvard Business Publishing’s Higher Education group. A vanguard educator who explores cutting edge ways to enhance classroom pedagogy, she continues to provide incredibly valuable insights to our product development and online learning teams. We literally use her NYU approach as a model for how other schools might approach synchronous, experiential learning in online environments. She is a wonderfully engaging subject matter expert whose passion is on display in everything she does. She is no doubt a wonderful teacher, and we can easily vouch that she’s a wonderful resource to have at your side when facing new opportunities and challenges. Two thumbs way up.”
—Denis Saulnier, Director, Learning Services, Harvard Business School Publishing

“On a Fall Saturday morning, I walked into a classroom of Prof. Roseanna DeMaria to learn, to be empowered and transformed into a leader. I have never in my years of education been challenged that much and encouraged to think so deep that made me realize how much more was there to learn underneath it all. As a student in her class, I had no choice but give it my all as her passion for teaching and delivering excellence was motivating for all of us to be high performers. Today, everyday at my job, I am performing to her standards and achieving success. I am forever grateful and will follow her teachings and advice throughout my career.”
—Zeynep Cevikel, Regional Human Resources Manager, ParenteBeard  LLC, and MS alum, New York University

“Roseanna is interested in the ‘future’ of leadership as opposed to the ‘past.’ She focuses on what is needed for success prospectively as opposed to what has been helpful from a historical perspective.”
—Kelly Martin, CEO, Elan Pharmaceutical

“Roseanna is a top leadership and Organisation development professional. Both as a coach and a developer of programs to enhance effectiveness, Roseanna combines in depth technical expertise with grounded business knowledge. As a colleague I trusted and respected her tremendously.”
—Don Schneider, Group Human Resources Director, Old Mutual plc, Former SVP, Human Resources, Merrill Lynch

“I have had the extraordinary good fortune of working with Roseanna in several different capacities over more than two decades. She has been my boss, my client and I have been her client. She is one of the most talented, creative, insightful and dedicated professionals I have ever met. She is indefatigable and has a remarkable ability to bring a fresh perspective to problems and divine solutions where others have failed. I cannot possibly commend her enough.”
—Owen B. Carragher, Jr., Partner, Lankler & Carragher, LLP

“Roseanna Demaria is one of the most vibrant, passionate, courageous and far-sighted people I have met in twenty years as a speaker to business organizations.

She brings a truly artistic temperament, combined with a deep, probing intelligence, to the hard issues facing business today. It is precisely this combination of left and right brain which will prove to be the essential ingredients of success for leaders of the future. When we are connected with head and heart, leaders can make decisions for themselves, others and mankind that will be constructive and healing. Roseanna Demaria is such a leader.”
—Benjamin Zander, Conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra